What I Offer

High Quality Illustration

I help you make your vision come to life by devoting my time and care to give you the highest quality for your custom artwork.

Unlimited Personal Use

Need an attractive splash image for your indie game? New graphics for your social media profile? A visual design for your story? Or even an anniversary portrait for you and your loved one - whatever it may be, personal use for your commission is endless.

Various Options

I work both digitally and traditionally in order to achieve the desired results that you want. You can choose from a variety of illustration and painting styles.

Sample Gallery

View more artwork on deviantART or personal gallery.

Some restrictions on subject matter (aka adult or offensive material) may apply.


Payment Method: Paypal. Learn more.

Digital and Traditional Illustration

The prices per character/figure in a drawing is as follows:

Commission Type Sketch Colour sketch Full Colour
Chibi $5 USD
$13 USD
$18 USD
Sample | Sample
Bust $5 USD
$10 USD
$14 USD
Half-Body $10 USD
$15 USD
$22 USD
Full-Body $15 USD
$20 USD
$35 USD


Simple Background Detailed Background Simple Animation
e.g. eyes blinking, glowing,
background elements
e.g. receive a physical print
or original copy
Add $5 USD
Add $15 USD
Add $5-10 USD
Add $9 within Canada,
$12 within USA,
$18 international
(Letter size only)

Looking for something that isn't listed here? Contact me with further details to see if I can offer something that you're looking for.

*Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the request. Feel free to ask me for an estimate.
Last updated: October 2015. Prices and payment method are subject to change in the future.

Ordering Process

Submit a Request

Submit a request with the following:

  • Name & Paypal Email Address
  • Type of Commission including any extras
  • Reference images
  • Other important details, deadline, shipping, etc.

Acceptance & Payment

  • I will respond asap with a total price and any questions I may have.
  • You will receive a Paypal invoice in your email inbox upon acceptance which you may then respond to.
  • I will begin the artwork once I confirm receipt of payment.

Artwork delivered

You can ask for progress updates such as sketch previews, and request changes if you like. Minor modifications can also be made after completion.


Please take a moment to read my commission policy. By ordering a commission, you accept the terms and conditions outlined in the policy. You will be presented with this policy again before you confirm your purchase.

Ready to Order?

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I look forward to hearing from you!

About the Artist

Hello! My name is Linda (or better known as Yoli-chan or yolichan on the internet). I'm an illustrator and designer based in Toronto Canada. My illustrative style is largely influenced by anime and anthropomorphic creatures. I also have an interest in web design, mobile app design, crochet, and cute things. If you'd like to hire me for other services like building a website, an app, or designing a flyer, please contact me.~