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Updated as of March 17, 2019

Welcome! If you like my work, please consider commissioning me in the future.

What I Offer

Custom high quality art

I strive to make your vision come to life by devoting my time and care to give you the highest quality custom artwork, catered to your needs.

Variety of Personal Use

Want a portrait gift for a loved one? Or assets for an indie game? Or even graphics for your avatar or social channels - whatever it may be, I can create something catered to your needs.

Flexible Options

I work in both digital and traditional mixed media in order to achieve the desired results that you want. I also provide realistic projections and do my best to meet any time sensitive needs.

Within Scope:

The following are examples of what I am capable and willing to create:

  • Various subject matter e.g. creatures, kemono/furry, food, all gender and age range
  • Chibi or regular proportion
  • Landscape backgrounds
  • Art concepted off a description
  • Character sheets
  • Icons and assets for games (e.g. RPG Maker and visual novel), websites, or Twitch emotes
  • Graphic design e.g. YouTube channel artwork, Twitch overlays
  • Raster and vector images
  • Personal use of artwork - if you would like to discuss commercial use, please note there may be a royalty or different fee involved

Please familiarize yourself with my art style by browsing the samples below.

Outside of Scope:

The following are examples of what I am not capable or willing to create at this time:

  • 18+ or NSFW material (Some blood and nudity might be ok, please ask)
  • Mecha, gundam, heavy armor, aircraft subject matter
  • Short notice requests (same day delivery is usually not possible)
  • Characters from Disney :(
  • Copying another artwork
  • Photography
  • Any other subject matter or art style that I may not be comfortable with

If in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to clarify.

Sample Work

More samples can be viewed in my Pixiv gallery.


Rates are flat in USD (tax included) and are based on the amount of work involved, not the physical size of the artwork. Payment Method is Paypal only. Learn more.

Table Summary

The table below shows the rate per character (e.g. a second character would be 2x the price).

Artwork Type Basic Colour sketch Full Colour
Bust / Headshot $15 USD
$25 USD
Half-Body OR Full Chibi $25 USD
$40 USD
Sample 1 Sample 2
Full-Body $40 USD
$70 USD


Creatures or Detailed Background
e.g. scenic landscape, Pokemon
Add $15-20 USD
Simple Animation e.g. eyes blinking or animated background elements
Add $10-15 USD
Tracked Shipping: Receive physical print or original copy. Artwork is approx A4 / letter size
Add $12 within Canada, $15 within USA, Quote for international


Looking for something that isn't listed here? E.g. for custom Twitch emotes, channel overlays, game assets, or a bulk / larger project, contact me with further details to see what I can offer.

*Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the request. Feel free to request a more accurate quote.
Prices and payment method are subject to change in the future.

Visual Summary

Basic Colour Sketch

This type of artwork has rough lines and minimal colour with less details.

Bust / Headshot

15 USD

Half Body OR Chibi

25 USD

Full Body

40 USD

Full Colour

Bust / Headshot

25 USD

Half Body OR Chibi

40 USD

Full Body

70 USD


Submit a Request

Include the following info:

  • Name & Paypal Email Address
  • Type of Commission including any extras
  • Reference images
  • Other important details, deadline, shipping, etc.

Acceptance & Payment

  • I will respond within 3 days with a quote, timeline, and any additional info or questions.
  • You will receive a Paypal invoice in your email upon acceptance.
  • I will begin the artwork once I confirm receipt of payment.

Production & Delivery

I will update you as soon as possible on progress of the artwork. You might also be able to request minor corrections after completion if it's a digital work.

Please take a moment to review the commission policy. By ordering a commission, you accept the terms and conditions outlined in the policy. You will be presented with this policy again within the invoice before paying.

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