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About Blog

Welcome. In this blog, you will find:

  • Things that I make: drawings, crafts, projects, some photography, and work in progress
  • My Artist Alley and art exhibition adventures (if I ever have any more)
  • Topics like website management, marketing, web and graphic design, tutorials; things I’ve learned that I would like to share and maybe help somebody with. This is something new that I hope to focus more on and maybe improve the quality of my posts while doing so.
  • Things about my everyday personal life that will probably not be of interest to anybody.
  • Other miscellaneous things on various topics of my own interest. //Hooray for lack of focus.

Disclaimer: Any content provided on this site is what I learned from experience, observation, trial and error. I do not represent or warrant that whatever I post will be 100% accurate, helpful to you, or the “correct” way of doing things. But you know, I try. If you feel that my posts could be improved or corrected, I’d be happy to hear your constructive, civilized feedback.

About Author / Artist / Whatever you want to call me

I sometimes go by the alias Yoli-chan, but you’ve probably guessed my actual name from this blog’s domain name. D:

Currently I am dedicated mostly to my marketing / web and graphics work in a mobile application development company. It’s nice. I do the occasional freelancing or illustration commission upon request. If you are interested and patient, you can ask me about it.~

In my spare time, I like to draw, make (cute) things, watch anime and video, lurk on the internet, and spend time with my loved one. But what I usually do with that time nowadays is eat, sleep, and make birthday gifts (time management help plz).

Some life-long goals I have are: to be awesome, to be constantly learning, to have a balanced life, to help others whether it be something small or big, and to have a happy family.