Coral Reef Yacht Club

Coral Reef Yacht Club

Roles & Services

  • Creative direction
  • Responsive web design

Coral Reef Yacht Club offers rich tradition, with exceptional facilities and service. They are known worldwide for warm hospitality, relaxed atmosphere and as host to some of yachting’s most prestigious regattas.

Various versions of the initial mock up

Initial Concepts

Coral Reef wanted to keep the public navigation simple with primary information on the club and sailing. Each version was further simplified in order to achieve this. The card style call-to-action buttons enable the user to see a quick overview of offerings and upcoming events.

Colour & Typography

Sticking to the brand's identity we used nautical palette and fonts which are modern and easy to read.


Primary branding color

Headings and actions



As more members continue to access the site via mobile or tablet, the site was designed to ensure content is fluid across various devices.


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