OLA Intranet

Screenshot of the intranet prototype

Between 2018-2020, the Office of the Legislative Assembly overhauled their entire intranet to be a new modern central hub to help employees with their daily needs.

Roles & Services

  • UX/UI design and research
  • Graphic design and photo treatment
  • Development
the original intranet Sample image of the previous intranet


With the last major update to OLA's intranet in 2007, the dated design and technology of the existing intranet caused many users to be frustrated. Another major challenge is the large amount of content that needs to be easy to navigate and search, while understanding the needs of the staff in terms of how they work and communicate.


The first step was to determine user groups and understand staff values and opinions for the intranet. This way we can decide on features, organization of content, and technology. With a dedicated team, we developed a plan for creation and development based on staff needs.

Early stage design

I created visuals (moodboard and iconography) to help our users get an idea of the look and feel we wanted to convey. We wanted our users to recognize that the intranet is separate from the public site, so while we kept many core components from our design system, we were open to exploring other styles that would be unique to the intranet.

Style tile


Style tile

Navigation and testing

Our original navigation had many items categorized based on the department or branch that was managing them. Feedback with our users and focus groups determined that they would likely search for items based on the type of task as opposed to trying to look for the department it belongs under. Thus our content and design team restructured the navigation with a task-based focus, and conducted card sorting sessions and tree tests to re-adjust accordingly.

tree test Screenshot of an online tree test conducted by our UX team


The new intranet provides many improvements to benefit staff including easier methods to access content and a new responsive platform that integrates more seamlessly into the Microsoft suite being used daily such as email and calendar. As a result we received positive feedback and improved user satisfaction upon the initial launch.

prototype of the intranet in its late stage before launch

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