Loanio screenshot

Roles & Services

  • Creative direction
  • Re-design

Loanio is a demo site for peer borrowing and lending. I was tasked with redesigning the layout to better reflect the goals of the site, and to enhance the design to meet modern web trends.


The existing design was evaluated in order to determine which elements worked and what needed improvement. The main goals of the site were to generate user sign ups and provide information for users to lend / borrow / co-borrow money.

Loanio 1.0

Old site

Loanio 2.0

New site with annotations

Colour & Typography

Fonts were kept as sans-serif for easy readability. For colour, I reduced the number of shades from the previous design and maintained a simple flat look as it is a modern look over skeuomorphic or gradient colours. I continued to use vibrant greens as a symbol of wealth, growth, and energy.


Primary branding color

Contrast / Accent

Background / accent

Mobile Considerations

Design was built to be scalable across various screen sizes including responsive tables.


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